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transitioning into spring: vegetable stir fry with lemon-miso sauce

For the past week, I’ve been relishing the spring weather in all it’s bounty. It’s been asparagus this and fresh strawberry that and I even managed to get in a game or two of badminton! However, when I looked into…

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power hungry: curry and miso udon soup

I’ve been on a total udon kick lately…and having them on sale at the large asian supermarket isn’t stalling any cravings. Recently, I’ve made a Japanese-style udon soup with salmon, vegetarian stir-fries and the other night I decided it was…

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simple can be fancy: soy, ginger & blood orange baked trout fillets

I find that taking photos for my blog can be quite trying at times. It’s either too dark or I can’t be bothered to set up for a good shot or my camera batteries have died. Often times, when I…

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ravenous like a tiger: my spicy peanut sauce

Sometimes I like to fly by the seat of my pants. No plans, no forethought. Just an idea and the faith that I can make it happen. Last Friday, I went out with friends to The Foundation, one my favored…

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oh, summertime: chicken & vegetable stir-fry

Stir-fries are probably the most common go-to dinner in this lil’ apartment. Quick to cook, stir-fries are more than ideal for hot summertime kitchens, plus it’s a healthy option and you can mix up the flavours and ingredients and always…

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gravy train!!! miso gravy

note: When I wrote this post, I had misplaced this vegan recipe zine. This morning I found it & took a photo of it! If you’d like to buy it, here’s a link. It’s also available through Amazon. Our apartment…

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