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time to play catch-up: pasta e fagioli

In spite of yesterday’s rain, today is all sunshine and lollipops. And with that bit of good news, I’m heading off on my bike to explore the city and get a few errands done. But I’ll leave you with a…

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sunday freshness: crispy waffles + lemonade + refrigerator pickles + tomato sandwich with lemony-feta spread

After we finished dinner this evening, Cornelius turned to me and said, “We ate really well this weekend”. So true. Everything we ate was fresh and didn’t require extensive cooking or baking or heating. Our morning started off right with…

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i like it hot in here: simple hummus + white bean dip +white, red & green barley salad

The weather has been HOTT and I’m not complaining. I like an early summer which means only good things like popsicles, bbqs and hanging out at the beach. Last night I had a friend over and I didn’t want to…

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sicko: pretty in pink smoothie

There was a time when I got sick constantly. It probably didn’t help matters that I lived with a roommate who had a disease that left her immune system weak and was always having colds & sniffles or that we…

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the other white….meat: tofu tenders

I remember being in Vegas and ordering some chicken tenders at a pub and being ultimately disappointed when chicken fingers showed up on my plate instead. Maybe it was the desert air or the anise flavoured IPA I was drinking…

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the giving is good: ginger syrup for gingerale

Cornelius found a small grocer near the library where he works that sells bottles of pop shoppe pop (an old beloved soda company from my childhood). We downed the pop (mmmm, black cherry!) and I decided to fill up the…

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