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have a boozy christmas: rum balls

All of my Christmas shopping has been done and I just finished my last holiday sweet this evening. Phew! I love giving away pretty containers filled with homemade treats during the holidays and this year’s bounty is pretty impressive. I’ve…

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drink it up: banana eggnog smoothie

Alright, I swear, this is my last beverage post for a little while. 3 drink posts in a row? Well, I guess it’s time to bottoms up! For anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows that…

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hot toddy: hot buttered rum

It’s true that adding butter to a beverage seems a bit strange but at the same time I was curiously attracted to that kind of naughtyness. And naughty it is! It’s a rich, hot, sweet drink with complex flavours and a definite kick thanks to the rum. It was delicious and it warmed our insides completely.

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carcass = awesome

After our Christmas dinner spent with Cornelius’ family, C’s mom kindly wrapped up the turkey carcass for me to take home. Am I the only one who finds free turkey carcasses thrilling? The next day, I set about to make…

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oh so pretty: chocolate mint slice & bake cookies

After seeing these beauties on the baker’s rack, I had to give them a go. They just looked so pretty and festive and the colourful nonpareils looked like twinkly Christmas lights. I had all the ingredients, so last night at…

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minty fresh: candy cane chocolate bark

What’s the easiest thing to make for the holidays? Candy cane chocolate bark! Two ingredients, chocolate and candy canes. What could be simpler? Not much. * I also make this very successfully with mixed nuts. I just add a similar…

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