wedding + honeymoon = tasty!

On June 25, C and I decided to tie the knot and get hitched up all legal-like. Getting prepared for the wedding was actually quite fun and all the design, crafting and baking were definite stress relivers. Half of the wedding food was catered from a local catering company as well as a few items from, costco (cheese!), a sushi restaurant (sushi!) and a vietnamese restaurant (chicken wings!). The rest of it was made by me and some dedicated friends. It turned out wonderfully and there was enough food to feed the hungry and then some. I enlisted my good friend kyla to also help with the cakes as well as my mother in law who harnessed all her church ladies into baking up a storm for us. Not to be outdone, I too made cupcakes and a cake as well.

I designed our wedding programs to look like a recipe card. the front half had all the necessary program information, like who was oficiating the ceremony & what song we walked down the aisle to (Marvin Gaye’s “You’re All I Need to Get By”). The other side, contained our wedding cupcake recipe which is Ina Garten’s Coconut recipe found here. Enjoy, we did!

Our honeymoon was a road trip through several states and we made sure that we ate good food (nearly) everywhere we went. Highlights included:

  • The Farm Cafe in Portland, OR. Our good friends treated us here on our first night. The food was fresh and the room was beautiful. Thanks Kyla & Sergio!
  • Eating fresh crab on Fisherman’s Warf in San Francisco.
  • Burritos at Pancho Villa, in the Mission (S.F.)
  • The best burger ever at the Cow Palace in Amato, AZ. It’s located across from the Longhorn Grill, which admittedly did look appealing from the outside, but inside it looked like a country cupboard. I’m glad we ate across the street. Good lemonade too!
  • In n’ Out burger. I finally went and it was worth the wait!
  • Los Cuates in Albuquerque, NM. Amazing sopas.
  • Our Trader Joe’s tuna curry boil-in-bag that we cooked on our propane burner while camping. Delicious! Trader Joe’s is a campers heaven.
  • Raspberry pancakes at a cafe in Hillsboro, NM.
  • Iced coffees and a blackberry coffee cake at Macy’s Cafe in Flagstaff, AZ
  • The Moab Lime beer at Eddie McStiff’s Brew Pub in Moab, UT. Their pizza was pretty good too.
  • The steak sandwich and $1 microbrews after midnight at the Main Street Station Brew Pub in Vegas.

Damn, why did we come back to Vancouver again? Oh yeah, REAL LIFE. Sigh.

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