oh, i love cabbage: kitchen sink cabbage salad

As a teenager, I rebelled against this large round, leafy veg. It was boiled til it was soft and it left the house with an undeniable reek. Ewww.

Somehow the cabbage I knew as a teen isn’t the same beast I have come to love and depend on for many a meal. Raw is usually how I love it and in a salad it can’t be beat.

Tonight our apartment was sweltering with the start of summer heat and I will pass along my cabbage salad “recipe”. I find i can throw in what I’ve got around the house and it will be delicious. If I have left over chicken or if I’ve got some bbq pork from chinatown, i’ll throw it in. Tonight, it was a fully vegan affair using whatever random ingredients I had on hand.

Cornelius, my dinner guest Pam and myself devoured it. Crunchy, healthy and tasty!

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