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you’re so easy to love: bourbon chocolate mousse with hazelnuts

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and for me going out to a restaurant for dinner is not going to happen. As a rule I hate going out to dinner on a Saturday night because of crowds and being out on a…

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love is….raspberry jam thumbprint cookies

For the past few years, we’ve spent our wedding anniversary in different cities. Last year, we celebrated with a whirlwind visit ┬áto Chicago in the middle of a big road trip. The year before that, we spent it in New…

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seven more years: savannah buttermint ice cream

It’s been one of those weeks and it’s nice to have a cloudy Sunday morning to reflect back on things. There was a bit of big news: we bought a car. Now, for most people, it’s kind of a no-brainer…

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red hot! cinnamon heart quick pickles

I’ve always been a fan of Valentine’s Day. I don’t care that it’s some made up holiday geared to sell cards, roses and chocolates. I’m a fan of hearts, sprinkles, cupcakes, the colour pink….and I especially can’t wait until those…

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love proof: chocolate truffle tart

I’m a sucker for love so pretty much every day seems like Valentine’s Day. Yesterday Cornelius jokingly said that Valentine’s Day is the day where you have to prove your love to the other person! After laughing, I decided that…

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