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smooth like orange velvet: winter vegetable soup

Mmmm, there’s not much more that I love on a blustery day than some good homemade soup. Today was so windy that when I ran a few errands in Chinatown most of the electricity in shops and many of the…

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now, that’s an order: chai pumpkin bread

Ever since returning from my trip last week, it’s been slow going in the blog-reading department. However, I made sure I got all caught up on my blogroll this morning. So many impressive recipes caught my eye, including Honey Roasted…

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whole lotta love: pumpkin cupcakes

Funny how most boys can play Led Zeppelin on demand. I took an afternoon nap today because I’m feeling a bit under the weather and when I woke up, I had a strange need to hear some Zep. I told…

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thanksgiving pt. 2: spiced cranberry chutney + pumpkin chocolate chip cake

It seems that good food and good boardgames go hand in hand at my house. I’m sure my downstairs neighbours never want to hear “Corner on wheat!!!” at 2am ever again, but a good, roaring (and perhaps drunken) game of…

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pumpkin waffles

When autumn rears it’s head, I like to be prepared. A warm sweater and a scarf for the evenings is usually necessary and I try to carry my red & white polka-dot umbrella where ever I go, just in case.…

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pumpkin chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

The great thing about working from home is that I’ve got cookies in the oven and I’m finishing up an ad for a client all at the very same time. Nice! These cookies are actually Cornelius’ favorite cookies and he…

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