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summer mornings: peach cobbler muffins

The heatwave that we’ve been suffering through finally broke. Thank goodness. It’s not only been hot and gloriously sunny, but it’s also been smoky. British Columbia’s forests are burning and it’s a dangerous and awful situation. A week ago, Cornelius…

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a tart tingler: sour cherry smoothie

Me and fruit have a rocky past. Most tropical fruits except for pineapple, no thank you.¬†All stripes and dimples of melons is another no-go.¬†Bananas and me have never been friends (well, except when it comes to banana bread & then…

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blackberry & peach shortbread bars

Blackberry and peaches have a short life span. They appear in local markets and entangled in bushes wanting to be seen, heard and tasted and then just before you’ve had your fill, they seem to vanish. I have a tendency…

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me on the radio & other tasty bits

A couple weeks ago, I received a phone call from someone at CBC radio. The “On the Coast” program hosted by Stephen Quinn was doing a short segment about blackberries and had a few questions for me. A google search…

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i’m hooked on blackberries: cornmeal pate brisee & blackberry-peach galette

Ahhhh, freshly picked blackberries…what’s not to love? Free, juicy bites of sun-ripened perfection. Sure, the cuts and scrapes can be a real pain, but I can take it. I love scouring my neighbourhood for the best berries and earlier this…

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