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i love the beets & the beets love me: sauteed beet greens with lime and garlic

I’ve always been a fan of the beet. I love their sugary sweet flavour after they’ve been roasted in the oven and I love how they turn everything on your plate a deep shade of pink. I’ve turned a simple…

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tomorrow’s lunch: fettucini with tofu and coconut-lime sauce

When I spied the recipe for Linguine with Tofu and Coconut-Lime Sauce on Crystal’s blog, I was instantly smitten. Coconut + Lime = Awesomeness. Plus, I had everything to make this amazing sounding dish on the spot! My friend Kristen…

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summer licks: iced coffee + strawberry-pineapple popsicles

First off, may I direct you to the mp3 blog, Shake Your Fist, where I was asked by the lovely Amy to write a guest post about music. I LOVE music but haven’t written about it in ages, so it…

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give a little sweetness: lime cookies

My friend Mel makes pretty things and then sells them at her online shop. I recently bought a cute little onesie from her as a gift for some friends who just had a baby and was so pleased at how…

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happy bloggerversary to me: mexican fish & bean salad

Little did I know that my one-year food blog anniversary had slipped me by. No public ceremonies, no cake. My very first post was written on February 20, 2005 and even though I had good intentions to write often about…

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