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you’re so easy to love: bourbon chocolate mousse with hazelnuts

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and for me going out to a restaurant for dinner is not going to happen. As a rule I hate going out to dinner on a Saturday night because of crowds and being out on a…

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an easy weekender: espresso and spice bundt cake

This is was an unexpected cake. We had just returned from a totally unplanned last minute 5 day trip to Los Angeles (which was amazing, by the way) and heading into the kitchen to bake was the last thing on…

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don’t kick your habit: cappuccino bars

I drink 2 cups of coffee a day. Sometimes, if I’m feeling rough or I’m out meeting a client, there might be a third cup. I’ve never tried to quit because I know the kind of pain I’d be under.…

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banana espresso chocolate chip bread

Despite having eaten only one banana in my entire life (I was nine when my life-long hate started), I do tend to get a bit gooey for banana bread. While my husband might keep the banana brokers in business, he…

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coffee crunch bar cookies

Sometimes all it takes is just a bit of peer pressure and I’m done in. No turning back. When I spotted these tempting baked goods in my Flickr stream and I had to find out more. I was warned by…

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like a velvet glove cast in iron: espresso ice-cream cups

Some days require advance planning, much organization and a roadmap to see you through. This weekend we had a house guest and while it was fun checking out our city through the eyes of a tourist and sharing our home…

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