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carrot spice loaf

Yesterday I felt myself slowly coming back to normal from after a month of hectic work. There was no turkey for our Thanksgiving, but we were with good friends, there was good food on the table and glasses of wine…

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spicy roasted tomato & black bean soup

The pressure is on! Tomorrow is the first day of the Vancouver One of a Kind Show & Sale and there is all kinds of prep work that needs to be done. Walls are painted, shelves are installed, cards &…

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coronation grape galette

Yup, I made a galette out of grapes. I know, I know, you probably just snack on grapes or maybe scatter them into a chicken or waldorf salad. But making a pie out of my favorite grape ever is a…

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elsewhere, peanut noodle vegetable soup

I was going to post this recipe right here, but then I got an email last week from Michelle from Thursday Night Smackdown looking for some much needed guest posters for her own food blog. She needed a mental health…

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