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coolio: coconut chocolate chunk ice cream + mexican chocolate ice cream

Vancouver is in the middle of a heat wave and I couldn’t be happier. For some crazy reason, even though the temperature is climbing, we haven’t needed to turn on a fan. Our apartment seems to exist in some crazy…

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model behaviour: coconut oatmeal cookies

I usually try to make a treat each Wednesday and this week is no exception. And because the models are wafer-thin, tonight I was inspired to make a something model-approved. This oatmeal cookie recipe came from Dawna at Always in the Kitchen.

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the personal is political: bill’s coconut bread + norwegian apple cake

I have a great many cookbooks and I peruse them constantly when I’m at odds on what to cook or bake. But sometimes, I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for and let’s just face it, sometimes it’s easier to…

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cabbage, spinach and tofu on noodles with peanut sauce plus butter tart squares

2 great recipes in this post: A vegan peanut noodle dish and a non-vegan decadent butter tart square.

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vegan birthday: vegan coconut cupcakes

Sunday was my good friend Kristen’s birthday and I figured I’d bring along a sweet, vegan treat to our Monday night bowling league to help celebrate. After all, it’s always best to keep the birthday flame alive! Normally, when I…

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c is for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

I love this recipe! It was originally printed years ago in the Georgia Straight, our local free weekly and I’ve made some additions and I think it’s a near-perfect cookie recipe. I like to keep the cookies in tins to…

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