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morning spice: gingerbread granola

Way back in February, I was about to make some gingerbread granola. I probably stumbled across a recipe online and figured, of course, gingerbread granola is a thing! But I was out of molasses and made do with something else.…

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for a foggy morning: vegan banana and date muffins

Last week was full-on summer. Hot, sweaty temperatures outside so that meant we turned on our fans, went on a lot of evening bike rides and hung out on the balcony to drink beers. Not too shabby, mid-September! But this…

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consolation prize: raspberry breakfast bars

Last Sunday we attended a bbq filled with my husband’s extended family. Croquet was the before dinner entertainment and while I love the game, The game does not love me. We had a set growing up but my brother and…

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simple & good: red lentil & cauliflower curry

I wasn’t planning on posting another stew so quickly, but I awoke this morning to snow and I figured writing about birthday cake or cheese straws can come later (hint, hint!). It’s funny because I didn’t expect snow as I…

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holiday bliss balls: snow white coconut snowballs

Want a super easy candy recipe that’s actually pretty healthy too? Look no further than these lightly sweetened no-bake coconut snowballs. Don’t be confused with one of my older coconut snowball recipes – totally different but super tasty. When I…

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a happy combo: golden squash coconut-chocolate chip loaf

Chocolate, coconut and my taste buds are a winning trifecta. My taste buds don’t lie. In the past I’ve made ice cream, granola, chewy squares, almond joy copycats, banana bread, and my favourite macaroon squares. And now I can add…

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