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simple & good: red lentil & cauliflower curry

I wasn’t planning on posting another stew so quickly, but I awoke this morning to snow and I figured writing about birthday cake or cheese straws can come later (hint, hint!). It’s funny because I didn’t expect snow as I…

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refreshingly light leftovers: ginger 3-flavour turkey salad

Years ago when I was first introduced to Thai food, I remember seeing a menu item listed as “three-flavour sauce”. At the time I was vegetarian and the dish with that name involved fish, so I didn’t see the need…

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the girl can’t help it: spicy winter squash soup with apples & orange scented gremolata

I know, I know, I just wrote about gremolata and here it is again, sneaking it’s way into this soup post. It’s not that I want to be known as the gremolata girl, but honestly, I couldn’t help myself. While…

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well-worn: lentil spinach soup

I love playing in the kitchen. Trying new ideas, techniques and recipes keep meals exciting and helps me write up new blog posts. Yet, there’s something comforting with the familiar and well-worn. This lentil soup is a very well-worn recipe.…

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root vegetable soup with farro & lentils du puy

This soup is an ode to the last CSA of the season as almost all the vegetables are the local, organic ones from the farm. It’s a hearty soup that is full of flavour and texture. The soup has a mild sweetness from the beets and a bit of heat from the fresh chilis. I wanted to add in some lentils and farro and they were great additions.

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on the mend: red lentil soup with lemon

Last week I was illin’, through and through. I had lost my voice and was pretty much a sad sack of sickness. On Thursday night I couldn’t make it to a business dinner we had planned with some new clients,…

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