leftovers: galettes de riz

Yesterday I decided to spend a bit of time to have a great lunch. I had some red swiss chard and left-over rice and I had remembered seeing Clotide’s recipe for Galettes de Riz which seemed like an excellent way to use up leftovers. I made my own variation and added some fresh salsa instead of tomato into the mix and I enclosed a tiny square of cheddar cheese into each rice patty just before frying them up. I served each rice cake with the steamed swiss chard. Delicious! I was a little concerned that they wouldn’t hold up to flipping, but it turned out well and I just scooted any stray grains back to it’s mother with my trusty spatula. I had enough leftover to serve it again for dinner and Cornelius loved it. In fact, he said that he loved fried patties of “just about anything” and I made a mental note. Yup, good stuff.

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