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winter warmth: hot spiced tea

It’s finally starting to feel like winter here which is rather lovely. All we need is snow and I’ll be running about throwing snowballs with glee. Snow is pretty rare here and the fact that forecasters are predicting the white…

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a schmaltzy offering: heavenly matzoh ball soup

What’s the next step after roasting a chicken? Why make stock of course! It’s really simple. Just remove as much meat as possible (reserving for another use), dump the bones, skin and debris in a large pot (a stock pot…

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morning oats: scottish oatmeal

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you’ve certainly been made aware that I love oatmeal. I’ve made steel cut oats for breakfast, two different kinds of baked oatmeal and some gussied-up porridge. What I have never…

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prepare for an ass-whoopin’: vegan ginger gems

When I bake things for just me and the husband, I don’t go to too much work. I like to keep things simple and relatively foolproof. But sometimes, when I’m having guests over, I like to guild the lily to…

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the not-so-humble crumble: three fruit crumble

One of the easiest desserts ever is the humble crumble. Or crisp. Whatever you call it, it barely calls for a recipe and it’s delicious. When a crumble presents itself on the table, Cornelius is ready to bow down in…

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what time is it? it’s time for cake: spice cake with penuche frosting

Last night I was in the mood for cake but I didn’t want something with a lot of calories, so I poked into one of the cookbooks that I found on my Portland trip: 1,001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes (found on…

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