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you’re so easy to love: bourbon chocolate mousse with hazelnuts

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and for me going out to a restaurant for dinner is not going to happen. As a rule I hate going out to dinner on a Saturday night because of crowds and being out on a…

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winning hearts & minds on a case-by-case basis: rhubarb ginger foolish mess

Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m feeling all sentimental. Maybe because I renewed my driver’s license today and I’m sad to report that my horrible photo of years ago will be replaced with a horrible new photo that pretty much…

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a birthday stunner: chocolate & peanut butter mousse tart

Today is my birthday but this isn’t my birthday cake. On Saturday when I had a couple friends over for dinner I made what I had hoped would be a fudgey and gooey mud pie, but instead I got something…

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my prince charming: bitter orange ice cream

I’m sure I’ve gushed again and again how much I love Sour. Sweet is nice, but sour is where it’s at in my book. Soon after I started getting interested in food as more than just “what’s for dinner” kind…

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christmas cake: icebox peppermint yule log

My mother-in-law had asked me to make a dessert for our Christmas dinner and with so many things to do over the holidays, I wanted something without much fuss. I also wanted something kind of spectacular and festive looking. While…

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