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morning spice: gingerbread granola

Way back in February, I was about to make some gingerbread granola. I probably stumbled across a recipe online and figured, of course, gingerbread granola is a thing! But I was out of molasses and made do with something else.…

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curried red lentil & mushroom burgers (& a recipe for homemade mayonnaise)

It’s been a while since I’ve made some veggie burgers, but when faced with a major cupboard clean-up, coming up with recipes from meager beginnings is a fun challenge. I had a small amount of red lentils in my cupboard…

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clumpy & crisp applesauce granola

Having a food blog is a completely odd thing. I’m sure my neighbours wonder why I’m taking photos of my food on the balcony on at 8pm on a Wednesday evening (hello neighbours, it’s because there’s still some good light…

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low fat granola with millet

Didn’t I mention something about cake? Cookies? Something toothsome, gooey and sweet? I swear this isn’t turning into a breakfast/vegan blog (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but this is how I’ve been eating lately. It’s spring outside…or at…

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oat couture: peanut butter granola

Not one to brag, but for the past week, everything that has come out of my kitchen has been amazing. I’ve been cooking for every single meal and trying new things like making jam and thin crust pizza–and everything has…

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suggestive breakfast: no fail granola

Granola is my go-to breakfast. It’s simple and unassuming yet it lends itself to numerous variations. Making it from scratch is always preferable over the store bought kind, which is usually expensive and full of sugar and other bad things.…

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