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you + me: sweet n’ spicy bacon

…and some tricked out bacon. Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary and while tradition dictates that it’s the “cotton anniversary”, I think we’ll choose bacon. Last year we whooped it up and thew party…a Mississippi Luau, in fact. My hand-drawn…

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let’s celebrate: chocolate bourbon pecan pie

This past weekend was our very first wedding anniversary and I don’t think there is any better match for me than Cornelius — he’s my most perfect fella. Last June 25th, we tied the knot in a small little ceremony…

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happy valentine’s day

Warning: This post has very little to do with food! This was the card I made for Cornelius this year. Our profiles in cameos. Cornelius is a bit shy about it tho…he doesn’t want anyone looking at his adam’s apple…

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wedding + honeymoon = tasty!

On June 25, C and I decided to tie the knot and get hitched up all legal-like. Getting prepared for the wedding was actually quite fun and all the design, crafting and baking were definite stress relivers. Half of the…

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