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like a velvet glove cast in iron: espresso ice-cream cups

Some days require advance planning, much organization and a roadmap to see you through. This weekend we had a house guest and while it was fun checking out our city through the eyes of a tourist and sharing our home…

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pantry raid: vanilla almond granola

I’m definitely in holiday mode, not cooking mode. Truth be told, there’s not a lot of baking or cooking going on when there’s itineraries to think about, travel forums to peruse, and how to pack 35 days of clothing &…

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love proof: chocolate truffle tart

I’m a sucker for love so pretty much every day seems like Valentine’s Day. Yesterday Cornelius jokingly said that Valentine’s Day is the day where you have to prove your love to the other person! After laughing, I decided that…

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snow day: ginger & vanilla scones

Vancouver is in the midst of a winter wonderland and I’m certainly not complaining. Snow is a rarity here in winter and although I’m favorable to the warmer temperatures we get here on the wet coast, I’m not missing all…

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peachy keen: peach & vanilla yogurt scones + pork tenderloin with peaches & ginger

The photo was taken on top of Anarchist Mountain overlooking the Okanagan desert….and all the brown forest fire smoke coming across the Washington border. Our week-long camping trip was wonderful! We canoed on Slocan Lake, wandered around historic Greenwood, and…

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