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a bright spot: autumn chickpea & greens stew

September, you are gorgeous and I wish I could be outside right now to enjoy it all. However, despite the filtered sunshine and the turning leaves, I’ve become a whiny little jerk lately. All because earlier this week I woke…

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c’mon get happy: chocolate puddle cookies

It’s been awhile since I’ve made sweets, so when I was cruising through my bookmarks and spotted these chocolate puddle cookies from three different bloggers, I knew that I would be baking these up immediately. And oh boy, these are…

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chocolate for breakfast: low fat cocoa-coconut granola

Well, we made it back from our 10 days on the road no worse for wear. Our trip was amazing and I still have a ton more photos to upload onto Flickr. The painted hills in Oregon were beautiful, we…

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2 kinds of summer salads? creamy red, white and green potato salad + creamy asian slaw

Summer long weekends are the definition of perfection. With all the barbeques, picnics and friendly get-togethers, it’s a perfect time for sharing food. We had our own little Canada Day celebration over the weekend and food (and beer) definitely played…

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model behaviour: coconut oatmeal cookies

I usually try to make a treat each Wednesday and this week is no exception. And because the models are wafer-thin, tonight I was inspired to make a something model-approved. This oatmeal cookie recipe came from Dawna at Always in the Kitchen.

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