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magic spicy peanut sauce

Aww yeah, this is where the magic happens. 4 burners on a tiny electric stove in dark and tiny galley kitchen. I definitely dream of the time when I’ll have a truly beautiful kitchen with a window, a dishwasher and…

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the secret of great tofu: green beans & tofu in a thai coconut sauce

I have finally discovered the secret to really great tofu. I mean, I have no qualms with tofu. I love it and have gotten well past that old teenage habit of flinching when my mom would hide tofu in lasagna.…

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stank you very much: spicy tofu with shiitake mushrooms

Sorry for all of this quiet on the blog front, but this past weekend my little brother got all married up in a small and beautiful ceremony. This was also the weekend that a crazy snow storm hit Southwestern Ontario.…

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transitioning into spring: vegetable stir fry with lemon-miso sauce

For the past week, I’ve been relishing the spring weather in all it’s bounty. It’s been asparagus this and fresh strawberry that and I even managed to get in a game or two of badminton! However, when I looked into…

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oh, summertime: chicken & vegetable stir-fry

Stir-fries are probably the most common go-to dinner in this lil’ apartment. Quick to cook, stir-fries are more than ideal for hot summertime kitchens, plus it’s a healthy option and you can mix up the flavours and ingredients and always…

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stir fry it up: pineapple – coconut vegetable curry

Oh Blogger you can be such a bitch sometimes. Today is the first day in ages that I’ve been able to post and Blogger’s buggy nature is making me want to tackle WordPress. Early in the week it was hot…

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