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magic spicy peanut sauce

Aww yeah, this is where the magic happens. 4 burners on a tiny electric stove in dark and tiny galley kitchen. I definitely dream of the time when I’ll have a truly beautiful kitchen with a window, a dishwasher and…

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csa farm fresh salad

We haven’t been doing much grocery shopping lately. It’s too hot and we’re not lucky enough to live in a neighbourhood with one of those fancy air-con supermarkets. While there is appeal to standing in front of a popsicle fridge…

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the secret of great tofu: green beans & tofu in a thai coconut sauce

I have finally discovered the secret to really great tofu. I mean, I have no qualms with tofu. I love it and have gotten well past that old teenage habit of flinching when my mom would hide tofu in lasagna.…

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a lovely process: peanutty coleslaw

Last night I was planning to make this peanutty coleslaw recipe, however, Cornelius was re-organizing our office space and had to disconnect our internet connection. Instead of waiting around until he finished up, I decided to go it alone and…

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power hungry: curry and miso udon soup

I’ve been on a total udon kick lately…and having them on sale at the large asian supermarket isn’t stalling any cravings. Recently, I’ve made a Japanese-style udon soup with salmon, vegetarian stir-fries and the other night I decided it was…

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