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drinking vinegars: sour cherry-lime shrub & strawberry-rhubarb black pepper shrub

When I first heard about drinking vinegars, I was instantly shrub-curious. For someone who grew up sneaking pickle juice out of the fridge, a tart, vinegary beverage sounded quite delightful. Portland’s Pok Pok restaurant was where I first became a…

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sunday baking: nutty cocoa granola with sour cherries & coconut ribbons

I know, I know, another granola recipe. There are a lot of granola recipes on this site already, and this newest addition makes TEN. Yup, 10 granola recipes to choose from – not bad really. If you eat granola for…

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a tart tingler: sour cherry smoothie

Me and fruit have a rocky past. Most tropical fruits except for pineapple, no thank you.¬†All stripes and dimples of melons is another no-go.¬†Bananas and me have never been friends (well, except when it comes to banana bread & then…

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double up: double chocolate cherry muffins

On Friday evening, me, the husband and 2 friends packed up our car and headed off towards Portland, OR. We found a fabulous flat on Airbnb and rented commuter bikes from a guy who also has goats in his yard.…

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summer lovin’: sour cherry frozen yogurt

I feel a bit sorry that sour cherry season is nearly over in this neck of the woods. East of the Rockies, sour cherry season may already be long gone. I’m sad because sour cherries are my most prized fruit…

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apple & sour cherry pie with crumb topping

Making pies gets me all nervous. I talk a lot, I pace the floor of our tiny galley kitchen, and past pie crust goofs are replayed ad nauseum in my head. In other words, making a pie crust turns me…

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