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caught in my head: roasted salmon with citrus & capers

In our neighbourhood, we’ve got a wonderful fish market that carries only sustainable, high quality fish. So when I had a recent hankering for salmon, I had the fish monger slice me up a couple fillets. On my walk home,…

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eat more fish: salmon livornese

I’m not a new year’s resolutions person, but I do like a reminder now and then to do better. And one of those things to make me a better person involves eating more fish. I’m always on the look out…

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friday supper: salmon patties with dandelion greens

When we were growing up, Fridays meant fish to my Catholic parents. And usually, that meant croquettes which my mom used to eat growing up in Quebec. It involved a can of salmon, mashed potatoes and some salt and pepper…

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finally, an STD you can get excited about: s.t.d. (salmon – tomato – dill) sandwich

Yes, I said it and I did it. I made an S.T.D. sandwich and it’s fan-freakin’-tastic. Before you get your panties all tied in a knot, I’m talking Salmon Tomato Dill here and it’s the perfect lunch for this holiday…

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simple can be fancy: soy, ginger & blood orange baked trout fillets

I find that taking photos for my blog can be quite trying at times. It’s either too dark or I can’t be bothered to set up for a good shot or my camera batteries have died. Often times, when I…

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schlurp! udon soup with grilled salmon

I always associate big bowls of steaming hot udon soup as a meal meant to be eaten alone. Japanese noodle bars always have long counter spaces which make them perfect for solo dining and the service is very perfunctory yet…

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