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100 breakfast proof: pina colada fruit salad

Pineapples are one of my favorite fruits. I love them plain, grilled or shoved into a burger. It doesn’t take much to transform the pineapple into something special. When we were couch-surfing in Utrecht last September, our hosts had served…

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expiration date: red beans and rice

arlier this week, I made for dinner some good ol’ rice and beans. Please excuse the photo as I was only able to snap one blurry shot before my camera battery died. But don’t judge this recipe by one shoddy picture because this meal is so easy to put together and it’s full of flavour and spice.

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have a boozy christmas: rum balls

All of my Christmas shopping has been done and I just finished my last holiday sweet this evening. Phew! I love giving away pretty containers filled with homemade treats during the holidays and this year’s bounty is pretty impressive. I’ve…

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hot toddy: hot buttered rum

It’s true that adding butter to a beverage seems a bit strange but at the same time I was curiously attracted to that kind of naughtyness. And naughty it is! It’s a rich, hot, sweet drink with complex flavours and a definite kick thanks to the rum. It was delicious and it warmed our insides completely.

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a nice evening for a date: chewy date-nut squares

During the summer I had an unabashed addiction to Larabars. Raw, natural and delicious, I was partial to the Cherry Pie, Chocolate Mint and the Chocolate Coconut bars but didn’t want to spend all my hard-earned cash on those pricey…

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let me eat cake: fresh apple cake

Wow, two new posts in one night?! I must be procrastinating! Actually, I’m still thinking about that article about Vancouver housing costs…. Last month, the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver reported that the average sale price of a single-family…

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