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good gravy! roasted vegetable poutine

I grew up in a gravy-less household. When my mom made a turkey, she dumped the drippings into a gravy boat and that became the gravy in our family. Needless to say, gravy didn’t make much of an impression on…

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let’s get down tonight with a millet vegetable bowl

I can’t explain just how happy this meal made me. I loved every single bite. I kicked myself that I didn’t make more because while it was filling, I would have loved leftovers to enjoy all over again. And, if…

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like an old sweater, but better: baked pasta with roasted vegetables

It’s been rainy and grey for the past 2 days now and I’m totally getting back into cooking and baking again. It feels good and familiar, like wearing a comfy sweater with holes in the cuffs to poke your thumbs…

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tired of take-out: roasted vegetables & chickpeas over couscous

I’m once again working away from my home office during the day and catching up on freelance work at night. I don’t have much time for cooking or blogging and everything seems like a bit of an effort. Don’t even…

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get your veg on: roast vegetable pasta bake

It was so sunny and bright and warm this afternoon that I spent a lot of time wandering my neighbourhood. It was a welcome relief from being chained to the computer working on client projects. The sun was strong and…

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