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how i spent my friday night: simple fish n’ chips

Please excuse the messy desktop. The photo of my work area was taken in November, but my March desktop isn’t in much better shape, tidy-wise. For me, a cluttered desk means that I’m busy with work (definitely true in this…

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soup conversion: cauliflower – cheese soup

I’ve already mentioned a few times that Cornelius just isn’t a fan of soup. As a bonefide soup aficionado, I find his dislike to be nothing more than just plain ignorance. True! I make soups at least once a week…

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my lunch is better than your lunch: roasted veggie vegan burritos

I just made the best lunch ever. There is no photographic evidence of lunch since my camera batteries died. You’ll just have to take my word for it. This recipe should make quite a few burritos and I’ve got lots…

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vote: white bean soup

If you are Canadian, you should be voting today. This is a very important election and I’m afraid we’re going to join our southern neighbours in electing a crazy conservative leader. My fingers are crossed. I voted NDP. How about…

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my first weekend cat blog, plus potato, corn & turkey kielbasa chowder

Yes, it’s true. Cornelius and I have a little furry friend named Snoopy. She doesn’t do much around the house other than nap and leer at us with her yellow eyes. If only she could do the house cleaning! But…

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