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porta-pita: garlicky-kale stuffed pita sandwiches

Weekday lunches are often forgotten about when you work from home. Maybe it’s just me, but often coffee is the first order of business and then an hour or two later comes a bowl of cereal or some toast. Lunch,…

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lazy brunch: egg pita pizza

This past Sunday, Cornelius and I, along with a couple of friends, went on a bike ride to Burnaby which is the city right next to Vancouver. It’s all nicely connected along the Central Valley Greenway trail, much of it…

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a cheap healthy lunch: chickpea rapini melt

I’m pretty lucky to live where I do. Just around the corner and down the street a couple of blocks is my favorite market on the edges of Chinatown. Earlier this week I spied beautiful bunches of beets–2 bunches for…

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a case for the lowly tuna melt

Okay, now why would I post about the lowly tuna melt? Everyone probably has their own twist and probably has been making theirs the same way since forever. Me, I only started eating tuna after 10 years of being a…

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sloppy seconds: greek lemon chicken + greek salad

I eat lunch in front of my computer. I feel a bit guilty typing that out but it’s the truth. In fact, I’ve got my lunch right beside me just waiting for the right pause to dig in. Normally, I…

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