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2 kinds of pre-birthday cupcakes!

Yesterday I had a little pre-birthday celebration with friends. Since I was going to be out of town on my actual birthday, I held a little fake birthday party last night that involved some yummy Jamaican food (and a whole…

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a lovely process: peanutty coleslaw

Last night I was planning to make this peanutty coleslaw recipe, however, Cornelius was re-organizing our office space and had to disconnect our internet connection. Instead of waiting around until he finished up, I decided to go it alone and…

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ravenous like a tiger: my spicy peanut sauce

Sometimes I like to fly by the seat of my pants. No plans, no forethought. Just an idea and the faith that I can make it happen. Last Friday, I went out with friends to The Foundation, one my favored…

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fudge-a-licious: world’s best peanut butter – hot fudge sauce

Love and leftovers can make you do the darndest things. Cornelius loves ice cream. So much so that he once was tempted to officially change his middle name after his most favorite dessert. I’m so glad he didn’t. I think…

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easy bake oven: flourless peanut butter cookies

Well, I’ve returned from our trip a little bumped and bruised and with a nasty case of road rash, but it was amazing and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I had a bad spill down a 13% grade…

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cabbage, spinach and tofu on noodles with peanut sauce plus butter tart squares

2 great recipes in this post: A vegan peanut noodle dish and a non-vegan decadent butter tart square.

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