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i like you best: fresh apple spice cookies

I love fall. For me, it’s all about the trees with their heavy, colouful leaves. And air so cool and crisp that requires your favorite cardigan, slightly wrinkled and maybe a bit musty from its hiding place at the back…

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sticky baked lentils & pinto beans

Last weekend, I was still in pantry cleaning mode. I spied a jar of dried pinto beans and decided to put them to boil – no soaking required since the beans themselves were pretty fresh. Some more pantry digging revealed…

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snow capped: coffee & spice cupcakes

As I mentioned in my last post, I was flown out to Montreal, put up in an awesome hotel and got seriously caffeinated by the lovely coffee folks over at VanHoutte. Along with 5 other bloggers, we got to experience…

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baking with booze: scotch whiskey oat cake

I’m no stranger to baking with booze. I’ve used a red dark ale in cake and some Jack Daniels in a batch of vegan chocolate cupcakes. But I’ve never poured a decent, peaty-tasting scotch into something I was going to…

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warm your weekend: speculaas muffins

There’s something special about speculaas – the cookie I always referred to as “windmill” cookies growing up because of the dutch windmill stamped on every one. They were spicy and crunchy and foreign, which seemed quite appealing to my small…

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old fashioned ginger apple pandowdy

Apple pandowdy not something I grew up eating, but it’s similar to a crisp or a crumble or a grunt: rich biscuit topping and a spicy fruit filling. But the twist with a pandowdy is that molasses and lemon juice are mixed in with the apples so the flavour is deep and dark.

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