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elsewhere, peanut noodle vegetable soup

I was going to post this recipe right here, but then I got an email last week from Michelle from Thursday Night Smackdown looking for some much needed guest posters for her own food blog. She needed a mental health…

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hotcha! spicy thai noodle soup

After quite a battle, I’m waving the white flag. I’m sick. I’ve lost my voice and have turned into quite the sad sack. On Thursday night, I realized that we were out of broth. Nothing frozen, no cubes, no cartons,…

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power hungry: curry and miso udon soup

I’ve been on a total udon kick lately…and having them on sale at the large asian supermarket isn’t stalling any cravings. Recently, I’ve made a Japanese-style udon soup with salmon, vegetarian stir-fries and the other night I decided it was…

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schlurp! udon soup with grilled salmon

I always associate big bowls of steaming hot udon soup as a meal meant to be eaten alone. Japanese noodle bars always have long counter spaces which make them perfect for solo dining and the service is very perfunctory yet…

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miso hungry: miso soup

After coming home from the gym in the pouring rain, I needed something warm and an equivalent to what Nigella Lawson would call “temple food”. I looked into the fridge and pulled out a block of tofu, some green onions…

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