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canada day muffins! berry smash muffins

Happy Canada Day! I’ve been up early getting started so that I can relax before our friends arrive for a little Canada Day bbq and fireworks watching from our balcony. I’ve got a mixed bean salad marinating in the fridge,…

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playing breakfast catch-up: whole wheat & yogurt cranberry muffins + crepes with fresh apple filling

I’m trying to catch up on all of my recent recipes and figured a 2-recipe breakfast post would be a nice little bonus on this dreary day. Apparently Vancouver is in the midst of a wind and rain storm, charmingly…

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wait, there’s green in my muffin! chocolate zucchini muffins + applesauce

The other night I discovered a new food blog, Pinch My Salt. It’s filled with lovely photographs and beautiful looking recipes. And when I spotted the recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Muffins, I knew it would be the perfect recipe to…

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gingerbread muffins

Cornelius is sick today, so I decided to surprise him with some freshly baked gingerbread muffins for breakfast. They turned out really well and would actually make great cupcakes if iced. I think a nice lemon buttercream frosting would be…

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