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next stop, sandwich city: tofu salad sandwich

I’ve never eaten an egg salad sandwich. It was the smell that always got to me and I just wasn’t brave enough to try it. Maybe one day I’ll give it a go, but not today. When I used to…

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sandwiches. surprised? curried chicken sandwiches

It’s rainy, it’s icy and there is slush galore outside. My shoes got quite a soaking from stepping into too many slushy puddles and I had to change into warm, dry clothes as soon as I got home. It certainly…

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who doesn’t like cabbage? lemon coleslaw

This past long weekend, I made 2 different cabbage salads. The recipe below, I made as a side for some baked cornmeal-crusted fish and some oven baked fries. The other cabbage salad, I took to a picnic. I certainly can’t…

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