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strawberry lemonade slushie

On a hot summer day, when I was a kid, I’d line up at the local variety store with throngs of others and wait for a Slush Puppy. The counter person would turn back the handle and out would pour…

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wait, there’s a flower in my drink: lavender-mint lemonade

I love summer! It’s hot enough to get that nice sweaty feeling (something my high school gym teacher referred to as a “glow”) and when all the windows are open, the drapes billow and swoon in the most pleasing way.…

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sunday freshness: crispy waffles + lemonade + refrigerator pickles + tomato sandwich with lemony-feta spread

After we finished dinner this evening, Cornelius turned to me and said, “We ate really well this weekend”. So true. Everything we ate was fresh and didn’t require extensive cooking or baking or heating. Our morning started off right with…

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2 easy peasy snacks: popsicles & lemony green beans

Last night we had some friends over. They brought over the 1958 Newport Beach Jazz Festival dvd and the Monterrey Pop Festival dvd. We promised them snacks. Because it’s been so hot, I didn’t really want to do any serious…

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