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garden inspiration: marinated vegetable salad

I spent my morning visiting my neighbourhood community garden. It was the annual plant sale, and while I only picked up a few free pots for my balcony, I found the whole visit very inspiring. The gardens were in full…

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the contessa’s voluptuous breakfast: orange yogurt

A couple of weeks ago, I had company for brunch and I wracked my brain trying to figure out what to make. After consulting recipe books and perusing my blogroll, I decided to keep things familiar. I made some almond…

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eat fish and be merry: baked fish with potatoes & rosemary + lime & honey wax beans

Last night I wasn’t in the mood to cook. It’s been a busy week catching up on all the work that had piled up since I went back to Ontario and I had inadvertently skipped lunch which left me at…

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the common cold

It’s been a week of extremes and craziness. We had a small electrical fire due to a hack wiring job from a previous tenant. We found a new place to live for April. I’ve been baking and cooking up a…

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the apple of my eye: apple-cheddar-bagel snack

I pretty much love to throw apples into anything. I love them in salads, curries, porridge and sandwiches. Granny Smith are my absolute most favorite apple ever so don’t even mention the bland Red/Golden “Delicious” in my company! A “Delicious”…

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a nice hot cup of tea: chai

I love chai tea. The first time I tried it about 10 years ago, I declared it was like having cake in a cup! Oh my, it was sweet and rich and full of spice, instantly comforting and wonderfully cozy.…

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