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don’t kick your habit: cappuccino bars

I drink 2 cups of coffee a day. Sometimes, if I’m feeling rough or I’m out meeting a client, there might be a third cup. I’ve never tried to quit because I know the kind of pain I’d be under.…

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the birthday cake that almost wasn’t: caramel cake

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I just wasn’t feeling my birthday this year. But you know, things got a lot better. On the day of my birthday there wasn’t cake, but there was a lovely chocolate whoopie pie…

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bittersweet ganache glazed bourbon cupcakes (vegan!)

Today I realized that I totally forgot about my blog birthday….though I guess it’s not one to mark down in the ol’ birthday calendar. Yes, way back in February of 2005 I started this little home o’ mine and four…

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prepare for an ass-whoopin’: vegan ginger gems

When I bake things for just me and the husband, I don’t go to too much work. I like to keep things simple and relatively foolproof. But sometimes, when I’m having guests over, I like to guild the lily to…

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