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dream pie: coconut-banana cream pie

Life sure has been busy for the past few weeks. Along with lots of holiday fun, there was lots of work to be done as well. Presentations, proposals, lots of designing and a bit of coding here and there…and one…

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now, that’s an order: chai pumpkin bread

Ever since returning from my trip last week, it’s been slow going in the blog-reading department. However, I made sure I got all caught up on my blogroll this morning. So many impressive recipes caught my eye, including Honey Roasted…

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meme: five things to eat before you die (yikes!)

I was tagged by Linda of Kayak Soup for the food meme that’s been making the blog rounds: 5 things to eat before you die. Melissa at the Traveller’s Lunchbox notes that the five items “should definitely be things you…

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recipe meme

Tania from the Candied Quince tagged me for this recipe meme. Above is just a small portion of my cookbook collection. From where do you obtain the recipes you prepare? I LOVE recipes! I have many recipe books that I…

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more meme: 7 things

I got back from my 1 week trip yesterday and I’ve got nothing culinary to whip up & tell the tale. I was tagged by both Poco-Cocoa and Milk & Honey for the 7 things meme while I was away,…

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texas treats

I was so pleased to finally receive my package from Crystal! It may have arrived a little worse for wear (damn you, careless postal workers!) but minus a couple of broken jars, I love my package from Austin. What does…

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