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clumpy & crisp applesauce granola

Having a food blog is a completely odd thing. I’m sure my neighbours wonder why I’m taking photos of my food on the balcony on at 8pm on a Wednesday evening (hello neighbours, it’s because there’s still some good light…

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low fat granola with millet

Didn’t I mention something about cake? Cookies? Something toothsome, gooey and sweet? I swear this isn’t turning into a breakfast/vegan blog (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but this is how I’ve been eating lately. It’s spring outside…or at…

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fill’er up: cinnamon oatmeal waffles

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve posted a waffle recipe. Believe me, this is the perfect waffle recipe after a long waffle-absence because it will only take one to fill you up. Really. This waffle is…

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bakery hack: smart cookies

One of my favorite cookies is the Power Cookie sold at Capers Markets around town. It’s freaking delicious and it’s filled with all kinds of nuts and seeds and other good things. After devouring one quickly on the street, I…

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quick bread: bannock

My husband isn’t known for his cooking skills. In fact, he barely cooks at all. He can make toast, and eggs and can boil up some hot dogs, but really, that’s about it. Oh, once he made me a birthday…

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suggestive breakfast: no fail granola

Granola is my go-to breakfast. It’s simple and unassuming yet it lends itself to numerous variations. Making it from scratch is always preferable over the store bought kind, which is usually expensive and full of sugar and other bad things.…

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