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veg-out bowl: roasted cauliflower over kale & fennel with garlicky tahini dressing

Roasted cauliflower over sautéed kale & fennel over farro is a bit of a mouthful (albeit a tasty one) but it’s the kind of meal that I make often around here. Usually, I just sauté some vegetables and serve it over…

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farm bounty: shaved summer vegetable salad

I have a squash drawer in my fridge and it tends to fill up rather quickly this time of year. Thanks to our CSA, we get weekly deliveries of cucumber, patty pan squash, yellow and green summer squash, and zucchini…

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a warm hug: tomato-apple dal

Usually the transition into a new year brings a bit of stress. Maybe I set my goals and expectations too high or maybe I just feed off the stress of others. But not this year. I made a couple simple…

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easier than you think: lemon roasted chicken & vegetables

One of my favorite meals is a roasted chicken. I’m always shocked when I hear that people just don’t make it from scratch. Sure it’s easy to pick up a roasted bird from Whole Foods, but c’mon, this doesn’t take…

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lentils with fennel, kale & sausage

This weekend we finally got snow, and while most of us Vancouverites are total winter wimps, I admit to loving my Saturday night in the snow. We walked to the newly renovated Waldorf to celebrate a friend’s birthday and by…

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pretty in pink: fennel, grapefruit, & blood orange salad

Winter salads don’t need your bad rap. While I love slaws and hearty grain salads, it’s nice to mix things up with a bright, light salad that isn’t a slouch in the flavour department. Fennel, red onion, grapefruit and blood…

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