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veg-out bowl: roasted cauliflower over kale & fennel with garlicky tahini dressing

Roasted cauliflower over sautéed kale & fennel over farro is a bit of a mouthful (albeit a tasty one) but it’s the kind of meal that I make often around here. Usually, I just sauté some vegetables and serve it over…

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salad days: warm or cold farro salad with asian vinaigrette

I’ve played around with farro before – throwing it into a root vegetable soup and a couple salads, but because my everyday market didn’t carry it, I only used it occasionally  But last year I moved out of Chinatown where farro was…

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crispy kale salad with toasted coconut

Don’t let the picture above fool you. It looks weird and kinda brown and shiny – like some kind of magical dragon shed its tasty skin in my bowl – but that right there, is a bowl full of awesome.…

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splash of colour: farro & arugula salad with beets

There’s a bit of a cupboard clean-out going on in my kitchen. I have one cupboard divided in half: one side for savory things, like rice, grains and canned goods and one side for baking stuff, sugar, coconut, etc. And…

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dinner salad: farro & greens cranberry crunch salad

For the past few weeks, I’ve been making a salad almost every day. Maybe it’s all in preparation for coming of spring, but I’ve got a serious hunger for greens. Usually, it’s just been a simple green salad with a…

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root vegetable soup with farro & lentils du puy

This soup is an ode to the last CSA of the season as almost all the vegetables are the local, organic ones from the farm. It’s a hearty soup that is full of flavour and texture. The soup has a mild sweetness from the beets and a bit of heat from the fresh chilis. I wanted to add in some lentils and farro and they were great additions.

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