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basil vinaigrette

This week has been pretty beautiful. The sun has been shining and the temperatures have dipped enough that you might have to reach for that light cardigan you have stuffed into your bag. September makes me take stock. Did I…

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chopped vegetable salad with zesty ranch dressing

Just as I had hoped, summer is back. Two days of grey skies and rain is okay by me and it’s more than good for all the gardens and farms out there too. But I’m so happy to have back…

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green and crunky: raw vegetable salad with yogurt-feta dressing

I recently posted that I wasn’t a fan of raw broccoli. A few days later after making that statement, I made a raw broccoli salad. Crunky or not, I went with it and I liked it. I guess that means…

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potatoes aren’t very photogenic: light n’ creamy potato salad

There has been a distinct shift in the weather. The clouds and grey skies have rolled in leaving cooler temperature in its wake. It’s disappointing, but I’ll manage. I spent the long weekend redesigning my portfolio and then coding it…

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portland, here we come: easy vegetable salad

My stomach is in a flurry of nervous excitement. I always get that way when I’m about to take flight, so to speak. This holiday long weekend I’m heading to my most favorite city ever, Portland, OR with a pitstop…

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a successful experiment: i’m the goddess salad dressing

After being at the gym, I wanted a nice healthy lunch and I wanted my favorite dressing on my salad. Alas, my fridge didn’t have any Annie’s Goddess Salad Dressing and I didn’t feel like a bike ride in the…

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