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burnt nectarine tart (but not on purpose)

It took me a long time to get the hang of making pie dough. Then l I discovered the beauty of a galette: no shrinkage, no worries about rolling a perfect circle and no pie weights needed when baking. A…

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don’t be a hater: bannock-wrapped hot dogs

I like hot dogs. Judge me if you will. The other day we needed a quick lunch and we had some hot dogs but no buns, so I decided to improvise. Last year I had made bannock (which is a…

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the mac daddy: apple, onion and cheddar pizza

Sundays are often a night we head out with friends to a local brew pub and eat cheap thin crust pizzas, drink delicious pints and play cards. One of the pizzas I like at this pub is called the “Johnny…

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easy as pie: the best pizza ever

Making pizza is a snap. Once you’ve got some dough made, putting the ingredients together and making something truly sensational that you’ve made from scratch isn’t very difficult or time-consuming at all. And it tastes way better than anything you’d…

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it’s not delivery: deep dish skillet pizza

When I told my husband that we’d be having pizza for dinner, he assumed we’d be ordering in some delivery. Nope, this was going to be the real deal with homemade crust and all. While I’ve made homemade pizza in…

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breakfast pizza

Yesterday morning, I put some pizza dough in a bowl, covered it with cling film and let it go about it’s yeasty business. By nightfall, the dough had risen and was at it’s peak, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, my…

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