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creamy cucumber dill salad

A couple of weeks ago I linked to an article I wrote on ReadyMade about how I learned to love the cuke. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t a cucumber fan. However, after years of turning up my…

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the last of the rss debacle…& elsewhere

This week over at ReadyMade I take a stab at writing about my journey to love cucumbers. After my tzatziki post a few weeks ago apparently a few other people also have issues with The Cuke, so head on over and read all about it.

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grilled scallop ceviche

I don’t tend to make fancy food much and because scallops are pricey, they count as fancy in my book. However, after a trip to the Maritimes last summer where I tried scallops for the very first time, I just…

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the best tzatziki ever

Slowly but surely, I’m taking the cucumber plunge. You see, I’ve never been a big fan of them to begin with. A couple of years ago, I decided that I liked them in sandwiches…but only in sandwiches. Then this past…

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sour dill pickles

Since my visit to Montreal, I’ve been left with a deep, deep hankering for pickles. Not just the commercial dills that you can buy at any supermarket, but the salty, pucker-inducing bite of a Jewish deli sour. While my husband…

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2 kinds of summer salads? creamy red, white and green potato salad + creamy asian slaw

Summer long weekends are the definition of perfection. With all the barbeques, picnics and friendly get-togethers, it’s a perfect time for sharing food. We had our own little Canada Day celebration over the weekend and food (and beer) definitely played…

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