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spicy masala shrimp with zucchini and coconut rice

The last few months have been hectic with work so I found it hard to take time out and do the things I enjoy. So this week, I made time for friends and for adventure and for bike rides. It…

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it ain’t pretty, it just tastes that way: rhubarb-ginger chutney

Last night, in preparation for a little wine and cheese party that we were hosting, I decided that I should try my hand at making a cheese-friendly chutney. I had some sad looking stalks of rhubarb in the fridge so…

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one bowl of comfort please: spicy chicken and rice

After reading Ximena’s post about a comforting one-bowl chicken and rice dish, I wanted something similar. But instead of picking a meal with an eastern flare, I headed south…errr, well, actually, to September’s issue of Bon App├ętit and found this…

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kicking it old skool: garlic & zucchini chicken meatloaf

While I love fusion flavours, Thai food and sushi, sometimes there’s nothing better than a meal that harkens back to those rose-coloured 1950′s that never really existed except in advertisements for eggshell blue refrigerators. I’m talking about meatloaf. It’s a…

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thanksgiving is pretty much all about food.

I love three day weekends…especially the sunny kinds in October that are also known as Thanksgiving. It’s definitely true that a three day weekend is much more meaningful when you actually work away from home. For that 3-day break, I’m…

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thanksgiving pt. 2: spiced cranberry chutney + pumpkin chocolate chip cake

It seems that good food and good boardgames go hand in hand at my house. I’m sure my downstairs neighbours never want to hear “Corner on wheat!!!” at 2am ever again, but a good, roaring (and perhaps drunken) game of…

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