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vegan girl’s night: vegan chocolate chip gingerbread softies

On Saturday night, my friend Kristen’s apartment was being invaded by a whole wack of Monopoly playing, beer drinking boys (Cornelius included), so she came by for a bit of a respite. Our plan: chill out with some relaxing girl…

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can’t stop, won’t stop: double chocolate oatmeal cookies

I can’t stop snacking on these cookies! Usually, I’m not much into double chocolate cookies, but these are just too good and I should have doubled the recipe. They are easy to make and twelve cookies the recipe makes just…

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c is for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

I love this recipe! It was originally printed years ago in the Georgia Straight, our local free weekly and I’ve made some additions and I think it’s a near-perfect cookie recipe. I like to keep the cookies in tins to…

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kristen’s really easy vegan chocolate chip cookies

Kristen gave me this vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe over the phone a couple of years ago. I haven’t transcribed it and I’ve always kept it in a safe place but when I pulled out the recipe today I realized…

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