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brown rice & broccoli cheddar pie

Last week, I had phone meetings, deadlines and trying to find time for breakfast was a bit much. Now, normally, I’m totally a breakfast kind of girl so skipping it is a bit usual. But when 12 noon arrived, and…

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a great side: cheesy cornbread

I’m not a huge fan of cornbread. It can be dry or too moist or even greasy. But sometimes cornbread can be perfect, especially when served with a really spicy vegetarian chili or a colourful black bean salad. For me,…

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uhh, shortest post ever? apple cheddar yogurt muffins

I made muffins on the weekend and they were freakin’ amazing. Apple and cheddar? What’s not to love. Go and make them already!

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salad days: southwest bean & pasta salad

One of the qualities that my husband admires in me is my resourcefulness. He thinks I have the ability to turn what seems like nothing into something wonderful. I hate being wasteful and I’m thrifty by nature, so being resourceful…

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i had a beer and now i have bread! beer bread

You may have read that I’m a bit antsy about yeast. I don’t know where the fear comes from since my mom used yeast to make breads and cinnamon buns and even pancakes with amazing results! It’s a totally unfounded…

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