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like an old sweater, but better: baked pasta with roasted vegetables

It’s been rainy and grey for the past 2 days now and I’m totally getting back into cooking and baking again. It feels good and familiar, like wearing a comfy sweater with holes in the cuffs to poke your thumbs…

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oh, summertime: chicken & vegetable stir-fry

Stir-fries are probably the most common go-to dinner in this lil’ apartment. Quick to cook, stir-fries are more than ideal for hot summertime kitchens, plus it’s a healthy option and you can mix up the flavours and ingredients and always…

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stir fry it up: pineapple – coconut vegetable curry

Oh Blogger you can be such a bitch sometimes. Today is the first day in ages that I’ve been able to post and Blogger’s buggy nature is making me want to tackle WordPress. Early in the week it was hot…

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portland, here we come: easy vegetable salad

My stomach is in a flurry of nervous excitement. I always get that way when I’m about to take flight, so to speak. This holiday long weekend I’m heading to my most favorite city ever, Portland, OR with a pitstop…

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soup conversion: cauliflower – cheese soup

I’ve already mentioned a few times that Cornelius just isn’t a fan of soup. As a bonefide soup aficionado, I find his dislike to be nothing more than just plain ignorance. True! I make soups at least once a week…

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