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easy-chickpeasy: chickpea & tuna salad with fresh croutons & a creamy lemon dressing

This is what happens when you crave sandwiches and the only bread you have are those days-and-days-old bready end bits hanging in the bread bag. So you call yourself innovative and make a salad with big buttery, garlicky homemade croutons…

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crispy, bitter, gooey: broccoli rabe panini with mozzarella

I love broccoli rabe (which also goes by the name “rapini”) a whole heck of a lot. It’s a bitter green so if you’re scared off by bitterness, this might not be the vegetable for you. But if you embrace…

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garlicky grilled portabella sandwich

I don’t write about sandwiches often enough – funny for a blog with the word sandwiches in the name. Truth is, I’m really picky about sandwiches and I’m often disappointed with a plain ol’ sandwich. However, when I spied a…

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