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you’re so easy to love: bourbon chocolate mousse with hazelnuts

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and for me going out to a restaurant for dinner is not going to happen. As a rule I hate going out to dinner on a Saturday night because of crowds and being out on a…

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3 of my favorite words: bourbon ice cream

I made this ice cream a while ago and I think its time for a repeat double scoop. This ice cream is actually low in fat and is adapted from a Mark Bittman recipe called “cornstarch ice cream”. When you…

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bittersweet ganache glazed bourbon cupcakes (vegan!)

Today I realized that I totally forgot about my blog birthday….though I guess it’s not one to mark down in the ol’ birthday calendar. Yes, way back in February of 2005 I started this little home o’ mine and four…

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let’s celebrate: chocolate bourbon pecan pie

This past weekend was our very first wedding anniversary and I don’t think there is any better match for me than Cornelius — he’s my most perfect fella. Last June 25th, we tied the knot in a small little ceremony…

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